Welcome to CCC, we offer a unique and innovative way of raising money for your car club. We are all too aware of the financial problems which face car clubs today. Bringing a club to the Internet brings along an entire new set of problems:
  • Where do we host our site?
  • How do we pay for all that bandwidth?
  • How can we fund that next show or cruise night?
  • How do we avoid placing advertising on our site?

At CCC we answer all these questions and more.

I express deep gratefulness for your devoted?inspiring help, nevertheless most significantly, for new alliance.

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Our solution can provide 100's of dollars per month which your car club can use for hosting expenses, car shows, and other administrative expenses. We can even offer low cost hosting and site design services!

? How Does It Work ?

We utilize the power of affiliate marketing to bring in revenue for your club. A large majority of Internet speed shops and Automotive-related services have established affiliate programs. When a customer follows a link from an affiliate's website to the main companies website, a certain percentage of the sale goes to the affiliate. This percentage can be between 5% and 50%.
For each club we create a custom shopping site where members can utilize the affiliate links and earn money for their club. (see a demo) The shopping site is well organized by component / service type and can include reviews by car club members in each section. The review area is an excellent place for members to recommend parts and alert other members to great deals.
Your members do not have to live with annoying banner ads on your main site and they help your club earn money
. It's a well known fact that car guys must spend money on their addiction, so why not help their club while getting their fix?

? Why Not Do It Myself ?

Organizing and maintaining links is a time consuming task. It also can be a nightmare keeping accurate records of money earned. We take care of all the administrative costs and send you a check every month along with detailed accounting reports.
Searching out the best programs and joining them also takes time. We have been working with automotive affiliate programs for years and know all the best programs out there. Simply throwing a few banners on your site will not get you the maximum return on your time ! Our unique shopping pages encourage member participation and help your members to make the best purchase.

? How Much Does It Cost ?

We have NO upfront fees ! Depending on your club size and buying habits we charge an administrative fee of 10% - 25% for maintaining links, shopping site, and accounting. Let's look at the possibilities for a typical car club.......

Monthly sales: $6,250.00 ($25 per member)
Monthly affiliate earnings:$625.00 (10% avg.)
CCC Fees: $156.25 (25%)
Net Club Earnings: $468.75 per MONTH!
Monthly sales: $25,000.00 ($25 per member)
Monthly affiliate earnings:$2500.00
CCC Fees: $625 (25%)
Net Club Earnings: $1875 per MONTH !

? Where Do I Sign Up ?

Send an E-mail to [email protected]

Make sure to include your club name, website, number of members, and what type of vehicles your club specializes in. We will prepare a quote and get back to you in a timely fashion. If you do not currently have a website or are looking for another host make sure to let us know. We can also quote design and hosting of your site on a shared or dedicated server.

Our Address:
265 South 4th St.
Hamburg, PA 19526
Kevin Schappell
[email protected]